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Shangri-La Art Gallery specializes in contemporary arts from Asia and the Near-East.

Our Artists are professionals and up-and-coming in their own countries.Their tastes and styles are indicative of their countries of origins, and the influences of their society and governments.While saying that, we also believe that contemporary art is a form of universal expression.  While customs may differ from region to region and country to country, artists have found commonality with their mediums and forms of expression.

The experiences of collectors, as well as the novices will see in our art similarities between Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Macedonian Art.

The Artists and the way that they express themselves through their arts have truly transcended to make art as universal language that we can all understand and appreciate.

While acknowledging that art is a personal choice and is to be appreciated, we believe that art should also be a sound investment. Art does not lose value.  In fact a prudent investment in an art portfolio will see a return of many times over the long term. We aim to position our art as an alternative to the traditional investment vehicles, just like stock, property, gold, coins, etc.....

At the same time, art is an investment that can be hung on your wall for you to enjoy everyday, bringing you enjoyment and a greater quality of life.


Our gallery is named after the mythical land called Shangri-La in the book Lost Horizon written by James Hilton.   It is a beautiful land, a verdant valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The people of Shangri-La are happy and peaceful, live in harmony with nature, and are content with their lives.  Due to the stress-free life, and a combination of healthy diet, meditation and yoga, they lead long lives.

We thought the name Shangri-La was appropriate for our art gallery. In today’s stress-prone and busy lives, by bringing art into our homes, we create joy and peacefulness into our immediate surroundings.