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Shangri-La Art Gallery hosts famous Pakistani artist Jimmy Engineer in “Ideology of Peace” art show.

Shangri-La Art Gallery is hosting an art exhibition by famous Pakistani artist Jimmy Engineer. Jimmy’s art has been sought after by museums and private art collectors from around the world, including in Italy, France, Switzerland, Russia, India, China, England, USA, and the Middle East. In Pakistan, his works are on permanent exhibit at the National Gallery, Islamabad and the Al-hamra Permanent Gallery, Lahore. Several postage stamps have been issued Of his paintings.

Jimmy paints a variety of themes, and has done landscapes, still life paintings, cultural paintings, religious paintings seascapes, calligraphy, philosophy of colors, miniatures, abstract, historical paintings and self-portraits. The current exhibition features art from his architecture, civilization and abstract series.

Jimmy was born in a Parsi family. However they could not have known that he would grow up to break all barriers of caste and creed and define multi-ethnicity through his art and altruism. He is a peace activist and is known for his crusades on behalf of the oppressed, disabled, mentally handicapped and the impoverished. He has also had a march for peace in Pakistan and walked with both the India and Pakistan flag on his chest, at great risk to personal safety. He has met with President Bill Clinton and with Mother Teresa on his altruistic missions. Thus his significance has gone beyond the artist’s and his art pieces have expressions of truth and peace.

Says Atul Vir, Principal of Shangri-La Art Gallery, “We are proud to host Jimmy Engineer’s work and have him with us to talk about his philosophy. We believe that art transcends borders, and can be used as a medium of communication to build bridges between communities”.

The current art show is of original limited edition canvas prints ranging in size from 2 feet to 10 feet. Jimmy Engineer will be personally signing each print certifying its authenticity. Prices range from $1,000 to $4,000.

Shangri-La is the first and only art gallery in Houston dedicated to Asian art. It also hosts a permanent art collection and promotes local artists.

The exhibition will run from February 3-14. Timings are Weekdays11-6 and Weekend 12-4. For further information please call 713-933-1488 or see www.ShangriLaArts.com.