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Our Policy and Arrangement

Shangrila displays original works of art from artists all over the world. The artist must guarantee their original artwork by providing a Certificate of Authenticity with their artwork. Shangrila allows you to upload your art directly to the online gallery website. However, Shangrila will review the artwork and decide the artwork to be displayed.

When art is sold, Shangrila will get 15% commission of the sale price.

The artist is responsible for shipment of art to the buyer.

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What happens when your artwork sells?

When a buyer purchases your artwork, the payment transaction takes place through our secure website.

  • The payment will be held in a secure temporary account.
  • You will be sent an email message providing you with the shipping details for the buyer.
  • Once you have shipped the artwork with the Certificate of Authenticity and provided us with the tracking number, we will provide this to the buyer.
  • When the buyer receives the artwork and accepts it (and there is no damage), we will release the payment after deducting the 15% commission.

Your artwork will remain on our website showing as SOLD.